Intellectual Property


Fluicell has three patents which have been already granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and one patent application in national phase. All patent applications are handled by Saul LLC in Boston, USA.

Patents granted:

  • Patents Family 1
    Numbers 9,126,197 and 9,671,366
    Title: Pipettes, methods of use, and methods of stimulating an object of interest.
  • Patent Family 2
    Number 9,658,240
    Title: Microfluidic device with holding interface and method of use.

Patent in national phase:

  • Patent Family 3
    WO2014132139 A3
    Title: Methods to fabricate, modify, remove and utilize fluid membranes.


Fluicell and lab-on-a-tip are registered trademarks of Fluicell AB, Sweden.