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  • Probing Structure and Function of Ion Channels Using Limited Proteolysis and Microfluidics View paper

  • Glycine/Serine Polymorphism at Position 38 Influences KCNE1 Subunit’s Modulatory Actions on Rapid and Slow Delayed Rectifier K+ Currents View paper

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  • Effect of cholesterol depletion on the pore dilation of TRPV1 View paper

  • Sub-anesthetic concentrations of (R,S)-ketamine metabolites inhibit acetylcholine-evoked currents in α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors View paper

  • A method for bidirectional solution exchange—“Liquid bullet” applications of acetylcholine to α7 nicotinic receptors View paper

  • Alternatively spliced domains interact to regulate BK potassium channel gating View paper

  • AF-353, a novel, potent and orally bioavailable P2X3/P2X2/3 receptor antagonist View paper

  • Arrangement of Kv1 α subunits dictates sensitivity to tetraethylammonium View paper

  • Novel Alpha-7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonists Containing a Urea Moiety: Identification and Characterization of the Potent, Selective, and Orally Efficacious Agonist 1-[6-(4-Fluorophenyl)pyridin-3-yl]-3-(4-piperidin-1-ylbutyl) Urea (SEN34625/WYE-103914) View paper

  • Telithromycin blocks neuromuscular transmission and inhibits nAChR currents in vitro View paper

  • MEC-2 and MEC-6 in the Caenorhabditis elegans Sensory Mechanotransduction Complex: Auxiliary Subunits that Enable Channel Activity View paper

  • Differential Structure of Atrial and Ventricular KATP Atrial KATP Channels Require SUR1 View paper

  • Role of cAMP sensor Epac as a determinant of K-ATP channel ATP-sensitivity in human pancreatic beta cells and rat INS-1 cells View paper

  • Gain-of-Function Mutations in the MEC-4 DEG/ENaC Sensory Mechanotransduction Channel Alter Gating and Drug Blockade View paper

  • Controlling Desensitized States in Ligand-Receptor Interaction Studies with Cyclic Scanning Patch-Clamp Protocols View paper

  • A Biohybrid Dynamic Random Access Memory View paper

  • An isoflurane- and alcohol-insensitive mutant GABAA receptor 1 subunit with near normal apparent affinity for GABA: characterization in heterologous systems and production of knock-in mice View paper

  • Blocking Characteristics of hERG, hNav1.5, and hKvLQT1/ hminK after Administration of the Novel Anti-Arrhythmic Compound AZD7009 View paper

  • Microfluidic device for creating gradients View paper

  • Microfluidic technologies in drug discovery View paper

  • Patch clamp electrophysiology steps up a gear View paper

  • Microfluidic Gradient Generating Device for Pharmacological Profiling View paper

  • Blocking characteristics of hKv1.5 and hKv4.3/hKChIP2.2 after administration of the novel antiarrhythmic compound AZD7009 View paper

  • A Microfluidics Approach to the Problem of Creating Separate Solution Environments Accessible from Macroscopic Volumes View paper

  • Stabilization of High-Resistance Seals in Patch-Clamp Recordings by Laminar Flow View paper

  • Automated Electrophysiology: High Throughput of Art View paper

  • A Cell-Based Bar Code Reader for High-Throughput Screening of Ion Channel-Ligand Interactions View paper

  • Screening of ion channel receptor agonists using capillary electrophoresis-patch clamp detection with resensitized detector cells View paper