90 students experience bioprinting at Fluicell

We at Fluicell are passionate about research and science and always want to take the opportunity to inspire the next generation of scientists. Recently, we had the privilege to receive a visit from around 90 students from the International School of the Gothenburg Region (ISGR).

We had an exciting day together where we bioprinted tissues using Biopixlar, stained cells and observed them in a microscope, investigated nanoparticle delivery and created our own cell models using 3D printing. But most exciting of all were the insightful questions and comments that we received. Seeing the enthusiasm of the students is really inspiring and motivates us to go even further in our work to innovate research and medicine.

We want to extend our gratitude to the all the students and teachers at ISGR who made this into such a wonderful day. We hope you had as much as we did.