A new era for Dynaflow Resolve

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our high-precision ion channel screening platform Dynaflow® Resolve. With Dynaflow Resolve, you can study any ion channel in any cell in any patch-clamp configuration and perform dose-response assays with high accuracy and reproducibility.

Dynaflow Resolve has been part of Fluicell’s product portfolio since 2017 and is used by biotech and pharma companies worldwide in their research and drug development efforts. The new generation of Dynaflow Resolve is more powerful and user friendly than ever.

Some of the added features include a new proprietary high-precision positioning system, an improved software package and new intuitive manual control features, based on the Biopixlar control system. Users of other Fluicell products will feel right at home!

Together with the new Dynaflow Resolve, we also present Dynascout, a lighter version of Dynaflow Resolve designed for early exploratory research.

Discover more of what Dynaflow Resolve and Dynascout can offer here: https://fluicell.com/products-fluicell/dynaflowresolve/