Replacing animal models in research – panel discussion

Can bioprinting be way to replace animals in medical research? What are the possibilities and challenges? We are very excited to host a panel talk as part of The International Science Festival Gothenburg on October 2 focusing on finding new animal-free techniques for medical research. The panelists Kristina Fant, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sofia Östman, AstraZeneca, and Victoire Viannay, Fluicell, will provide different perspectives replacing and reducing the use of animals for research purposes.

Victoire Viannay, CEO of Fluicell comments:

Reducing the use of animals for research purposes is important for both scientific and animal welfare reasons. It is also a complex challenge that requires cooperation across many different fields. With this panel talk, we want to discuss the challenges that lies ahead and explore how new technologies can help address them.

The panel discussion will be broadcast online on October 2, 11:00 CET and can be access through The International Science Festival Gothenburg.

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