Biopixlar platform for Google ad
Scientist using the Biopixlar

Using microfluidic technology, Biopixlar prints tissue models in 3D without the need for any support structure. Print only the cells you want!

With its ability to print with single-cell resolution, Biopixlar enables the creation of tissue and disease models using multiple cell types in the same printhead.

> Print directly in culture media
> High cell viability
> Print multi-cellular models

Print tissues at will
- with single-cell precision
Close-up of the Biopixlar printhead
Construct relevant tissue and disease models

Biopixlar is an all-in-one bioprinting platform capable of printing single cells with high precision and reproducibility.

Printing directly in culture media ensures a cell-friendly environment.


”We have been beta-testing the Biopixlar platform for two months now and we are very pleased with its performance. The platform is running smoothly, and we really like the gamepad which we think is a very innovative interface to work with. We are currently developing protocols for printing of different neuronal cells types. The capability of this exciting technology to enable precise control of the cellular composition and spatial distribution within a cell culture has the potential to open up completely new avenues for in-vitro modeling of a wide range of central and peripheral nervous system-related diseases.”

Mattias Karlsson, CEO Cellectricon AB: