Biopixlar AER launching March 3

We are proud to announce that the launch of our new product, Biopixlar® AER, will be on March 3 2022. This is in accordance with the company’s previously communicated objective to release a new product within the bioprinting area in Q1 2022. Biopixlar® AER is a first-in-class automated and portable high resolution single-cell bioprinter targeting a large and broad potential client base.

With Biopixlar, Fluicell revolutionized the 3D bioprinting space.  At the time of inception, it was the world’s first true single-cell bioprinting technology on the market, maintaining the cells in their native environment. With Biopixlar AER, Fluicell once again advances  the field of bioprinting by adding portability and automation features in a compact microfluidic platform. Biopixlar AER is the first high resolution single-cell bioprinting platform that is design to fit inside a standard cell culture flow hood, making it easy to use together with other in vitro and 3D cell culture technologies. This combination of compactness, ease-of-use, remote control and portability makes it furthermore highly attractive for usage in demanding worflows and settings such as aerospace and deep-sea exploration applications.

CEO Victoire Viannay comments:
“Biopixlar AER is truly a breakthrough technological achievement,  representing a product offering perfectly in line with our overall aspiration and ethos to join biology and technology in order to meet future healthcare needs. Biopixlar AER fits perfectly into Fluicell’s strategy to make a difference for researchers by increasing the flexibility, performance and adaptability in bioprinting.  Biopixlar AER is also targeting new customer segments that emphasize the ability to parallelize and automate bioprinting and cell culture processes.”

CTO Gavin Jeffries comments:
“The Biopixlar AER marks a milestone for Fluicell, delivering portable fluidic bioprinting capabilities into conventional researcher workflows. This new platform within the Biopixlar family comes as a result of focusing on user needs and anticipating future demands within the rapidly accelerated bio-engineering sector.

The AER showcases a wide range of powerful features tailored for today’s laboratory environment. A deep integration of fludic, optical and motion control, combined with a small footprint and process automation, is designed to empowers researchers with bioprinting tools in demanding environments.