Biozone 6details

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Biozone Holder

The Biozone holder connects each solution well of the Biozone tip individually with the pressure controller and gives the user full control of solution delivery. The holder has been designed to be compatible with most standard types of micromanipulator for easy positioning.

Pressure controller

The pressure controller* contains pressure and vacuum sources, with precise solution switching achieved through the use of miniature solenoid valves. The controller enables efficient sub-second solution switching between channels and rapid fall and rise times that ensure that flows from each channel is clearly separated in the experiment. External communication is possible using standard TTL signals.
*Multiple product variants available

Disposable Biozone 6 Tips

The Biozone 6 tip is made of a flexible medical grade elastomer and can be used to deliver up to 6 different solutions. The sample wells contain 30 µL solution and are easy to load. Changing tip is a simple procedure and can be done during an experiment.

Biozone 6 Wizard Software

The Biozone 6 Wizard software enables easy configuration and use of the Biozone 6 system. Biozone 6 Wizard allows independent control of each pressure line and solution delivery. It also includes a scripting module that lets you create custom protocols and automate experiments.