Biozone 6features

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Test multiple compounds

With Biozone 6, you can test up to six different compounds or concentration levels in one go, using a single disposable tip. Efficient solution switching between channels and rapid fall and rise times ensure that flows from each separate channel is clearly separated in the experiment. The low volume flows enables effective run times up to 60 minutes per channel. The Biozone Wizard software lets you, in an easy way, set up custom protocols to automate you single-cell experiments.

six images of Biozone 6 depositing solution containing fluorescent dye at different concentrations

Precise positioning

Position the Biozone 6 tip right next to the cells you want to study and create single-cell exposure zones. Switch solutions without moving the tip to create dose-response studies in one single location. Biozone 6 lets you target just the cell or cells that you want, when you want it. With Biozone 6, you can target everything from individual cells to groups of cells and parts of dense cell layers.

Confined exposure zones

Biozone 6 creates a hydrodynamically confined exposure region that limits compound delivery to only the part of the sample that you want to study. The low compound consumption makes Biozone 6 perfect for scarce and valuable substances. Efficient internal and external recirculation ensures that there is little to no contact between fluid streams removing crosstalk between the different solution channels, while ensuring no contamination of the ambient solution environment.