2021, the year of 6

We are very excited to announce that Fluicell will be releasing its next product, Biozone 6™, during Q1 2021. Biozone 6™ is a new concept in high-resolution single-cell pharmacology. The product has been developed in connection with Hoffmann-La Roche and has been tailored to meet the demand for research tools for single-cell pharmacology. Like the rest of Fluicell’s products, Biozone 6™ has its roots in advanced microfluidic technology adapted for single-cell biology. With Biozone 6™, it will be possible to expose individual cells to up to six different kinds of drugs or six different doses of a single drug in one experiment. The product is designed to enable acquisition of meaningful pharmacological data in a simple and flexible manner and can for instance be used in drug development, safety pharmacology and cell biology research.

CEO Victoire Viannay comments:

Fluicell’s strength is the ability to continuously develop highly specialized tools for detailed studies of individual cells that meet the high demands for quality set by the pharmaceutical industry. Through the launch of Biozone 6, we once again demonstrate the innovative spirit of Fluicell and our ability to develop potentially groundbreaking technologies and rapidly bring them to the market. Biozone 6 corresponds to an expressed need within pharmacological research that has not been met by other products on the market and that will be of great use for researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

CTO Gavin Jeffries comments:

The launch of Biozone 6 constitutes and important milestone for substance handling within single-cell pharmacology. With Biozone 6, it will be possible for researchers to generate dose-response curves from individual cells and enables studies of drug effects with whole new precision.

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