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Is this a patent protected technology?

Yes. Patent protected technology US 9’126’197′.

Is the BioPen system available now?

Yes. Please contact us for further details. We may be demonstrating at a location near you soon.

How many solutions can I put in one BioPen pipette tip?

The BioPen pipette tip can be loaded with 4 solutions at one time that can contain 35 µl each. The 4 last wells on the device are currently set for collecting waste.

What are the BioPen pipette tips made from?

The BioPen pipette tips are made from Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a flexible biocompatible polymer.

How often do the BioPen pipette tips need replacing?

To offer a contamination free controlled delivery system, the BioPen pipette tips are designed to be disposable and easily exchanged. Typical usage is 4-6 hours, with occasional refilling of solution.

What additional equipment would I need?

The BioPen system, fully assembled, resembles many microscope probe systems, and requires a micromanipulator to position the device to your sample. A simple computer running windows (XP SP3, or newer) is needed to control the pneumatics.

Do you have any publication with the BioPen system?

Yes, we do have publication. Please check out our published material.