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Dynaflow Resolve Chip close up

Dynaflow Resolve is an ion channel screening platform for your patch-clamp electrophysiology that offers solution exchange at unsurpassed speed, control, and flexibility.

> Works with any cell type
> Fast compound exchange
> Maximized data quality

Dynaflow Resolve allows for recording of any ion channel current and in any patch-clamp recording configuration. Test up to 16 compound concentrations and obtain full dose-response curve.

> Ion Channel Drug Testing
> Detailed Analysis of Ion Channel Kinetics
> Patch Clamp-based Synaptic Transmission

Someone using the Dynaflow Resolve System
Ion Channel Screening Platform

What our customers say about Dynaflow Resolve

“We bought the Dynaflow Resolve system because we needed a manual patch clamp system with reliable and fast solution application. It provides reliable and fast solution exchange. It is especially suitable for detailed characterization of drug effects on ion channel function.”

Gedeon Richter plc

“It is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange. The new reusable glass chip design offers improved performance with sticky compounds, so that we now started to use it in safety pharmacology studies, where the highest standards in accuracy of compound application have to be met.”

Dr. Timm Danker Fom NMI-TT