Moving forward in 2022


I want to start by wishing everyone a successful and happy new year. We now leave 2021 behind us and embrace the start of this new year with hope and excitement.  

In December last year, Fluicell’s board and senior management met to discuss the company’s growth strategy and to lay out the roadmap for 2022 and the coming years ahead. At Fluicell, we are now working fully to realize this agenda. Right now, we are putting together the final pieces to prepare for the upcoming launch of our new bioprinting product, which will take place during the second half of Q1. We are very excited for this second product in our bioprinting portfolio and we all look forward to being able to present it to you.  

Fluicell kicked off this year by announcing yet another prolongation of the leasing agreement for Biopixlar that we have with Dr. Luiz Bertassoni at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). The agreement adds another step to our work of building a long-term relationship between Fluicell and OHSU, which we expressed already in our latest CEO Newsletter, and which will be of great importance for our continued expansion on the US market. In a similar manner, the Biopixlar leasing agreement we signed with Birmingham University on December 17 is just a first step towards building a stronger presence in the UK together with our distributor, Swift Analytical, who is doing a great job at promoting our products. During 2021, Biopixlar has reached many new markets and customers, which has led to Fluicell becoming recognized by many as a leading bioprinting actor, as expressed e.g. in this recent market report. This year, we aim to accelerate this development even further. 

By expanding our product portfolio, we speed up our organic growth and create new business opportunities targeting new markets and customers. This is something that will benefit the company both in the short term and in a longer perspective going forward. This year we are also continuing our work of diversifying our product offering. Fluicell is not just an instrument company, but a provider of tailor-made research solutions. Our ability to offer leasing agreements for our products is part of this development. This year, we will present many new examples of product offerings and solutions that complement our current products portfolio and allow customers to get even more out of our instruments. 

During 2022, we will also continue to advance our regenerative medicine development agenda, working in the fields of diabetes, cardiac and eye diseases. Our stated goal for this year is to enter preclinical in vivo testing by the end of the year. Our research team is continuously making progress towards these goals and our intention is to communicate all major steps forward along the way. The development of ATMPs is of strategic importance for Fluicell and a key part of our growth as a company that enables us to directly contribute to human health and provides a solid foundation for building long-term value. 

At Fluicell, we have unique technology and know-how that we base the growth of the company on. This is a core strength of Fluicell which remains unchanged, regardless of other condition and it is that builds the long-term value of the company. We see many opportunities ahead of us this year and go forward with confidence.

Victoire Viannay. January 17, 2022


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