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As we head into the summer holiday season, this is a good time to share with you what we at Fluicell have been up to lately and what you can look forward to in the future. An important change this spring has been our ability to travel to meetings and conferences and connect with prospective customers face to face. Empowering researcher to make new discoveries is an important driving force for us at Fluicell and being able to connect with scientists to face to face to discuss projects and research solutions has been really rewarding.

This spring, a lot of our focus has been directed towards establishing Biopixlar AER on the market after its launch on March 3 this year. Biopixlar AER is not only our second product in the Biopixlar family but also the first compact high-resolution microfluidic 3D bioprinter on the market. A great benefit of Biopixlar AER is that the compactness of the platform allows our sales team to bring the instrument with them to show the new instrument directly to researchers. The response from the market to the new product has also been extremely positive, something that is exemplified not least by the fact that Fluicell was named as one of the ten most innovative 3D printing companies by All3DP this year. Worth mentioning is also the European Association for Cancer Research conference which we attended earlier in June where we received a lot of attention from participants for our bioprinitng technology.

Of all the research meetings we have attended this spring, I especially want to highlight the State-of-the art in vitro methods in practice workshop organized by the Swedish 3Rs Center which took place in Lund on May 18. During the workshop, our experts Samareh and Andreas hosted a session focusing specifically on high-resolution bioprinting, where the participating researchers had the opportunity to try out Biopixlar AER first-hand. We see a great value in the work being done by the Swedish 3Rs Center and the replace network to bring the research community together and we are very happy to have been part of this workshop. That the US House of Representatives recently passed legislation to end the FDA animal testing mandate makes this topic more relevant than ever and is another important development in this area which points towards a growing need for new methods that can replace the use of animals for research purposes. 3D bioprinting has a great potential to be such a method, and we firmly believe that Biopixlar’s ability to construct functional tissues with high resolution brings us closer towards that goal.

Andreas showcasing Biopixlar AER at the State of the art in vitro methods in practice workshop in Lund.

Andreas showcasing Biopixlar AER at the State of the art in vitro methods in practice workshop in Lund.

The future of in vitro models was also the topic of a roundtable discussion, co-organized by the BIRDIE and SINERGIA research consortia, that took place on June 16. The event featured experts across both research and healthcare and was a great way to provide a patient perspective on the work being done in the consortia and to ground the research in the practical healthcare reality. If you didn’t have the opportunity to follow the workshop live, it is available for viewing here: https://youtu.be/GPWFLDaCeh4. The work done in the BIRDIE project is a clear demonstration of versatility of the Biopixlar platform and its ability to combine with other research techniques. Make sure to follow the continued progress in the project through the BIRDIE website: https://birdieproject.eu/.

A major reason why I focus so heavily on in vitro research methodologies here in the text is because it is an important new product category and future market for Fluicell that we perhaps previously haven’t been giving the attention it deserves. Our increased efforts towards providing new types of in vitro research platforms stems directly from Biopixlar and our ongoing regenerative medicine research program. This involves a great deal of method and technology development, which in turn leads to new product opportunities. This way, our regenerative medicine research, not only takes us closer to our long-term goal of providing bioprinted engineered tissue products, but also benefits our more direct goals of providing new innovative products and research solutions. These to perspectives captures Fluicell’s initiatives within tissue engineering, a market the Analyst Group in their independent report, published on May 19, estimate to a valuation of USD 29bn by 2027, with a substantial growth potential.

This is also an area where we see a great potential for entering licensing and RnD agreements with prominent pharma and biotech actors. This is as an important way for Fluicell to generate value from our IP portfolio and is something that we will continue to develop further, especially in relation to future cell and tissue-based products and technologies.

In addition to our in-house advances within tissue engineering, our work done in our various research and development agreements is also progressing. In our development project together with IonOptix, the work is proceeding as planned. Phase 1 has been completed and is now under review by IonOptix ahead of phase 2. In our work together with the leading pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, we have successfully completed all our milestones in dialogue with them and we hope to be able to present further updates later this year.

For Fluicell, the current global situation reinforces our commitment to building the from ground up through inventiveness and innovation, focusing our efforts on doing what we do best. With a market-leading bioprinting technology that continues to gain more and more interest from researchers, an ability to provide complete research solutions through our lab-on-a-tip portfolio and with the capacity to truly showcase the Biopixlar technology through Biopixlar AER, we see many opportunities for Fluicell to continue to grow.

With these words, I wish everyone a fantastic summer and a peaceful and prosperous continuation to 2022.

Victoire Viannay. June 30, 2022


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