Fluicell introduces BioPen FLEX

At the request of our customers, Fluicell is thrilled to introduce BioPen® FLEX, a product exclusively developed for experiments using upright microscopes. This product almost doubles the addressable market for the BioPen range. BioPen FLEX features a longer microfluidic tip and a thinner holder than previous models, thus giving better access to cell samples with limited working distance. Researchers can now carry out studies on individual cells and tissues with the highest resolution using another type of commonly used microscope setup.

The BioPen FLEX system has all the benefits of the established BioPen series. The classic BioPen tip and holder, optimized for inverted microscopes, will now be marketed as BioPen® PRIME. The BioPen FLEX and BioPen PRIME systems are interchangeable component platforms, specially designed to meet the requirements for drug testing and cell biology with single cells or thin tissues.

“We are constantly working to improve the BioPen platform in our strategy to provide the market with state-of-the-art technologies that can help researchers get critical data. This case is particularly stimulating as the product was promptly requested by our customers. We are in a strong position to quickly meet our customers’ requirements since we have all the knowledge and skills to modify and develop our products with our own R & D and production facility”, says Dr. Gavin DM Jeffries, CTO at Fluicell.