Fluicell publishes 2023 Q1 interim report

Today, May 12 2023, Fluicell publishes the Q1 interim report for the period January to March, 2023. The full report can be accessed through Fluicell’s investor relations page using or using the link provided below.

CEO Victoire Viannay comments:

Fluicell has now ended the second consecutive quarter with a historically strong result, a clear indication of an overall positive trend. For the first quarter of 2023, we report a total turnover of 2,118 KSEK (1,165 KSEK), which corresponds to an increase of 82 percent compared to 2022. Net sales for the period amounted to 1,795 KSEK (843 KSEK), an increase of 113 percent. The sales figures are not yet where we are aiming for and we still see room for improvement. But with our continued efforts, this is a goal that we can achieve. We are currently in an expansive phase where we have intensified our development efforts in both regenerative medicine and tissue-based disease models, important future markets where Fluicell has a significant competitive advantage.

Januart – March 2023 in summary

  • Operating income amounted to KSEK 2 118 (1 165)
  • Net sales of KSEK 1 795 (843)
  • Operating profit before depreciation, EBITDA, amounted to KSEK -5 215 (-4 573)