Fluicell welcomes Adina Lupu

Adina Lupu is joining Fluicell as Laboratory Assistant after completing her master’s degree in genomics and systems biology at University of Gothenburg. Adina started to study biology in Bucharest, Romania, but her interest in having an international experience led her to come to Sweden. Her thesis work was focused on exploring the effect of genetic signatures on protein expression and involved everything from modeling the genes she wanted to study and creating plasmid constructs to analyzing the protein expression.

The interest in biology started early on for Adina with a fascination for human anatomy, but quickly grew to include other areas as well. In the long run, it is the breadth of perspectives in the subject that has kept her curiosity going.

– In biology, you also have to also know chemistry, physics and math. It is that kind of field that, no matter how much you work, you cannot actually get to the end of it. You always have something new to learn.

With this experience and this mindset, Adina is now joining Fluicell to take care of the chemical and cell laboratories and to make sure that all projects are fully supported with the type and amount of cells that they need.

When not in the lab, Adina likes to wind down and cook dinner together with her family and reflect on what she has done during the day. Reading books is a great way to get new perspectives, Adina says.

– Books can bring ideas that you never thought about and make you think that something is possible, you just never realized it.

Let’s hope that Adina will have many more opportunities for learning and plenty of time for reflection here at Fluicell.