Fluicell welcomes Andreas Svanström

I find biology very fascinating in its own diverse complexity and in the way it presents creative solutions to everyday challenges, such as in product development.

Coming from a position as a postdoctoral researcher at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research, Andreas Svanström now joins Fluicell as Application Scientist. In his new role, Andreas will act as a bridge between our sales organization and the R&D department responding to bioprinting and advanced cell culture application inquiries from customers. – This includes providing experimental proof of concepts, showing how our products can be used in their own research, Andreas comments.

In this role, which requires a broad understanding of bioprinting as well as cell and molecular biology, Andreas research background comes well into play. Andreas has a master’s degree in biotechnology from KTH Royal Institutes of Technology and is specialized in technologies applied to the field of molecular biology.

After completing his master’s degree studies, Andreas went on to do a do a PhD at the University of Gothenburg to deepen his understanding of biology. Here, he investigated the molecular chaperone CCT and its role in folding cytoskeletal proteins, essential components in cellular processes such as cell motility and rigidity.

Andreas followed up his PhD studies with a postdoctoral position at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research. Here, he was tasked with finding ways to create 3D printed breast cancer scaffolds for drug discovery. Andreas describes the role as the best of two worlds, combining biology with technology, with a clear focus on translational medicine and applicability.

In his new role at Fluicell, Andreas will be enrolled in several costumer-specific opportunities where he can apply his diverse research skillset and attention to details, thriving as an application scientist using Fluicell’s single-cell specialized product portfolio.