Fluicell welcomes Klaudia Małgorzata Jurczak

Starting in January 2020, Klaudia Małgorzata Jurczak is joining Fluicell to do her Master’s thesis work. Klaudia has a bachelor´s degree in biotechnology from Warsaw University of Technology and is currently studying the International Master in Innovative Medicine programme, which is shared between University of Groningen and Uppsala University and which her work at Fluicell is part of. During her master´s studies, Klaudia has been specializing in regenerative medicine with a focus towards bone regeneration. Adding bioprinting to this felt to Klaudia like a natural continuation of her previous studies.

– Since I have an engineering degree and my master’s programme is very biologically oriented, I thought that Fluicell would be a good place to bring these two areas of expertise together.

At Fluicell, Klaudia will be involved in developing new applications in bioprinting using Biopixlar. In this work, her knowledge in working with cells will be put to great use.

– It is important to find the optimal conditions for the well-being of the cells. Not only are the bioprinting parameters important, but also the conditions in which the cells are kept under.

When not working in the lab, Klaudia enjoys practicing yoga and is also a huge running enthusiast. Even though she has been busy getting started on her project and getting to know all the different techniques, Klaudia has found several opportunities to do some running in the city. Hopefully, the coming spring will bring many research as well as running opportunities.