Fluicell welcomes Sandra Tejedor

Sandra Tejedor, who recently finished her PhD at University of Valencia, now joins Fluicell as an Application Scientist, strengthening our R&D team. Sandra brings a broad scientific background in cell and molecular biology to Fluicell, with a master’s degree on the role of stem cells in tumor development. Following her master’s degree, Sandra continued her research work by doing a PhD at University of Valencia, focusing on cardiac regeneration.

– My project was about development of new therapies to treat myocardial infraction. We were aiming to regenerate the myocardium after the damage that the infraction produces. An important part of this work was to use nanoparticles to supply ischemic cardiomyocytes with nutrients to enable tissue regeneration.

It was through her doctoral studies that Sandra was first introduced to Gothenburg when she came to Sweden to do a research internship at AstraZeneca in Mölndal. Liking the city, she decided that she would like to come back after completing her PhD. The position at Fluicell provided her with an excellent opportunity to do so.

At Fluicell, Sandra will be focusing on developing new tissue bioprinting applications for Biopixlar®. Here, her expertise in stem cell biology and cardiac regenerative medicine will come to great use, particularly considering Fluicell’s new initiative to focus on development of regenerative medicine applications through the BioRej™ Advance program.

When not working in the lab, Sandra is an avid reader and has also recently started with watercolor painting after taking courses online. We at Fluicell are very happy to have Sandra in our team and hope that she will find many inspiring painting motifs in the areas around Gothenburg.