Fluicell welcomes Sanna Sämfors

Fluicell welcomes Sanna Sämfors who joins Fluicell as Application Specialist. In her role, Sanna will be developing bioprinting applications to meet the need of Fluicell’s customers and to showcase the capabilities of the Biopixlar bioprinting platform. Sanna brings to Fluicell not only a broad expertise in biomaterial design, but also a passion for tissue engineering as a subject and the potential the technology has for future healthcare.

– I think the development within tissue engineering right now is really exciting and I see many potential uses for it. If we take type 1 diabetes as an example, being able transplant cells that can restore insulin production would be a great achievement, Sanna explains.

In her role as Application Specialist, Sanna will be working in the intersection between sales and research, with a strong focus on translating research insights into customer value.

– Being able to transform knowledge into actual applications and having clear goals is very important. The focus on real-world applications is a major reason why I think this role is so interesting.

Sanna’s journey into biotechnology started during her time in high school, much thanks to a very inspiring biology teacher who took the subject beyond the standard curriculum. When it came to choose a university program, the choice fell on Chalmers University of Technology, a choice that to a large extent was guided by her fondness for the city of Gothenburg.

– I have always loved Gothenburg and have always known that I at some point in my life I would live here. Indeed, the city feels very homey and gives me a particular sense of belonging.

The natural direction for Sanna was to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, which she followed up with a master’s degree in tissue engineering, focusing on biomaterials and tissue vascularization. After graduating, Sanna decided that she wanted to broaden her research expertise and went on to a PhD in analytical chemistry at Chalmers in a project where she used imaging mass spectrometry to investigate the role of lipids in myocardial infarction.

With and expanded research toolbox, Sanna returned to her roots in tissue engineering as a postdoctoral researcher with a primary research interest towards bioengineering perusable biomaterial constructs for use in tissue engineering applications. Sanna brings to Fluicell all the knowledge and insight that she has gained from this work, somthing that will further add to the capabilities of our Biopixlar bioprinting technology.

Sanna’s experience and passion is a great addition to Fluicell and we are excited for the journey together ahead.