Fluicell’s response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 infection spreads across the world, many workplaces struggle to keep activities going while minimizing exposure and maintaining safe work environments for all employees. We spoke to Fluicell CEO Victoire Viannay to find out what the company is doing to address this new situation.

What measures are Fluicell taking against the COVID-19 crisis?– For us at Fluicell, the well-being of all our employees is of utmost importance. Since we as a company pride ourselves on having very high standards when it comes to quality and safety, maintaining appropriate levels of hygiene has come natural to us.

– We have also changed the way we work in order to minimize risk of contracting disease shifting our work to video and tele conferences rather than traveling to physical meetings. Employees not directly involved in laboratory and production work are also already working from home to limit the risk of exposure. The less employees are at work and the more we are protecting the ones who need to be physically on site.

What is the main focus of Fluicell at the moment?– Right now, our main focus is to continue to support our customers. Most of our clients do very important research work with focus on human health. It is crucial that they can keep their activities going with as little interruption as possible. We will do whatever we can on our part in order to ensure that this is the case.

Are you planning to take any further measures in order to prevent the disease from spreading?-We are following the development of the situation very closely, both here in Sweden and internationally. At the moment we are confident that we have taken appropriate safety precautions in order to ensure the health of our employees while still maintaining continued operation. However, if the situation were to change, we are ready to adapt to that as well.