Origin of Life Webinar

How did the first life on earth emerge?

The one who is asking this difficult question is Professor Irep Gözen of University of Oslo. On March 10, we are very proud to present a thought-provoking live webinar with Irep Gözen biophysical processes in protocell development.

In here talk, Irep will discuss the important, but often overlooked, role that membrane structures and surface interactions likely played in the formation of the first primitive cells.

The webinar takes place on March 10, 16-17 CET. Use the button below to register already today.

In her research, Irep has been using BioPen to expose individual lipid compartments to conditions mimicking the ones of the Early Earth. You can read about some of her work here. You can follow the work of Professor Irep Gözen and her bionanotechnology and membrane systems group here: https://www.softlabnorway.com/.