BioPen System





Interrogate single cells

Expose just one or a small number of cells to particular test solutions, e.g. drugs or antibodies, without diffusion outside the experimental region of interest. The test solution can easily be confined.

Rapid delivery

Deliver four different solutions to just a single cell or part of a cell with sub-second exchange time.

Low compound consumption

The four integrated solution reservoirs containing less than 35 μl, overcome typical dead volume problem of external tubing, reducing significantly the use of expensive reagents.

Combination with other probing devices

The pipette tip has been optimized to fit into practically any micromanipulation environment allowing combination with other probes such as patch-clamp pipettes, optical fibers or electrodes.

No glass or tip breakage

The pipette tips are made from a flexible biocompatible material so that unlike glass pipettes they won’t break upon contact with the hard surface.

No contamination

The pipette tip has been developed from an hydrodynamically confined flow principle, enabling contamination-free confinement of one miscible liquid inside another.



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