Dr. Timm Danker from NMI TT

“We use the Dynaflow Resolve in the context of drug-profiling at the NMI-TT Pharmaservices. It is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange. The new reusable glass chip design offers improved performance with sticky compounds, so that we now started to use it in safety pharmacology studies, where the highest standards in accuracy of compound application have to be met.”

Gedeon Ritcher plc

“We bought the Dynaflow Resolve system because we needed a manual patch clamp system with reliable and fast solution application.

Compared to our conventional patch clamp system, the Dynaflow offers:

  • low solution quantity demand,
  • fast solution exchange,
  • reliable drug application.

In conclusion, after several years of use, we are satisfied with the Dynaflow Resolve system. It provides reliable and fast solution exchange. It is especially suitable for detailed characterization of drug effects on ion channel function.”

Associate Professor Kent Jadermark from Karolinska Institutet

“We believe that the Dynaflow Resolve System is the most easy to use, and robust, perfusion system available for whole cell patch-clamp recordings of isolated cells. We almost never have problems with unstable flows, and the solution exchange times are very reliable. The system is also easy to clean which minimize the risks of contamination of drugs compared to other tubing systems which are made of plastic materials”