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Dynaflow® Resolve System

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The Dynaflow® Resolve system is an add-on to your existing patch-clamp setup that offers solution exchange at unsurpassed speed, control, and flexibility. The system allows for recording of any ion channel current in any patch-clamp recording configuration. You can use all type of cells and all kinds of compounds that are required for your successful experiments.

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True versatility

Works with any cell type, any patch-clamp configuration, and any type of ion channel from single-cell channel recordings to secondary screening.

Complex perfusion protocols

Rapid solution exchange (low millisecond range) enables analysis of fast kinetics.

Low compound consumption and reusable chip

Allows long experiments with less than 150 μl, minimizing compound and buffer consumption.

Optimized for safety pharmacology

Enables long experiments and long exposure times. Optimized for sticky compounds and designed for cumulative dose-response.

Maximized data quality

Numerous cells per chip. Multiple compounds analyses per chip. Full dose-response for every compound. Gigaseal recordings with superior experimental control.

Please download the Dynaflow Resolve Brochure.



The system includes a motorized scan stage with stage controller and a joystick, a syringe pump to drive the flow in the microfluidic chip, as well as the Dynaflow® Commander software. It fully integrates with most inverted microscopes.


Dynaflow Resolve System contains:


1 – Dynaflow® Resolve Chip

The Dynaflow® Resolve chip has 16 microchannels and is composed of a glass microfuidic chip and a plastic interface forming the wells and the recording chamber. The chip is reusable and developed to reduce the risk for non-specific binding of “sticky compounds” and offering improved cost-efficiency through low compound consumption.

2 – Syringe Pump

A easy setup syringe pump especially designed to drive the flow in the Dynaflow® Resolve chip.

3 – Motorized Scan Stage with Stage Controller and Joystick

A motorized scan stage is used to automatically translate chip movements. It includes a stage controller and a joystick and it is controlled by the Dynaflow® Commander software.

4 – Dynaflow® Commander Software

The Commander software assures control and pre-programming of the movements of the scan stage. It synchronizes precision solution exchange with real time tagging of the acquired data. The Windows-based Dynaflow® Commander software allows a full control of experiments, including scan protocols, exposure times and instant protocol changes.




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