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Two scientists using the Biopixlar

Create cellular cocultures in 2D and 3D with biologically relevant cellular architecture in native environment. Biopixlar offers full control of cellular positioning so that you can achieve the in vitro cultures that you want.

Model liver function by printing multi-cellular structures, all in culture media. With single-cell precision, in-depth mechanistic understanding is possible.

> Print directly in culture media with high cell viability
> Create high-precision multi-cellular models
> Biologicaly relevant models for drug testing

Create tissue and disease models with single-cell precision
Close-up of the Biopixlar printhead
Liver model

With its ability to print multi-cellular tissue models with single-cell resolution in, Biopixlar is ideal for complex in vitro models.

Fluorescence microscopy images show a printed patch of liver cancer cells (HepG2, in red) surrounded by fibroblasts (3T3-J2, in blue) taken at t=0 and 24 hours after printing.

Study cancer progression by pinting cancer cells surrounded by healthy tissue in a single process, all in culture media. Obtain in-depth mechanistic understanding with single-cell precision.