Stefan Tilk on Fluicell’s path forward

To follow up on the just released CEO Newsletter, we spoke to Fluicell’s Chairman of the board, Stefan Tilk, to get his view on the company and its future growth potential. 

What is your perception of Fluicell at the moment and the growth strategy that the company is following?

The company is progressing well when it comes to the main lines of Business, the regenerative medicine program and the product portfolio. Fluicell has a very interesting combination of products ranging from Dynaflow Resolve, which has been used with great success by leading pharmaceutical companies over many years, to the bioprinting platform Biopixlar, which has quickly gained interest and recognition for its market-leading capabilities.

Fluicell’s human capital strength has advanced, and the team is, in my regard, well equipped for growth in both business lines, with exciting new additions to the product lineup to be presented later this year. The current team encompasses great board and management colleagues, all with incredibly good track records. It is invigorating to see the engagement and enthusiasm of the people at Fluicell who work to make this company a unicorn. It is a highly skilled team with a unique set of expertise and experiences, with people stemming from across the world and many with extensive research backgrounds across biology, medicine and engineering.

What is your position on the current product sales situation?

By all means, the sales of the product line have been hampered by the industrial logistics and supply shortages. In addition to this, many of our partners’ development programs have experienced delays, why I am not satisfied with the sales result the last periods.

Notwithstanding these conditions, I am extremely pleased with the height of references and the growing “fan club” of our products and services among high-level research companies and universities. These include world-leading researchers from prominent institutions such as the NIH, Karolinska Institutet, Oregon Health & Science University and Hoffmann-La Roche. 

How do you view Fluicell’s development potential going forward?

Given all the above, I am greatly optimistic about Fluicell’s capacities and its business line, which is part of the ongoing paradigm shift across drug development, personalized treatments and regenerative medicine. Fluicell is developing new ways to treat diabetes, cardiac diseases and eye diseases, which are all areas with a large unmet medical need and with a great future development potential.

Join us in this journey – as an informed shareholder, or if you have the grit – welcome to the team.