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    Victoire Viannay, Chief Executive Officer

    CEO since 2017.

    Born in 1975.

    Previously the COO of Fluicell AB, Victoire is now the CEO. She holds a PhD in Law from Université Paris II Panthéon/Assas. Former Legal & HR Assistant Manager at Institut Curie, former Project Leader at Chalmers University of Technology, former Chief HR and Legal Officer at PSL Research University, Victoire has more than 10 years of experience in labor laws, human resources and legal management, particularly in the field of scientific research.

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    Gavin D. M. Jeffries, Chief Technology Officer

    CTO since 2017.

    Born in 1980.

    Currently the CTO of Fluicell AB, Gavin has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle. He was Assistant Professor at Chalmers University for 4 years and has published over forty peer reviewed scientific publications, with a total citation count of over a thousand. Entrepreneur/founder of two biotech and optics companies, inventor of multiple patents and technologies, Gavin has a strong background in microfluidics, single-cell analysis and optical platform integration.

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    Tatsiana Lobovkina, Chief Scientific Officer

    CSO since 2018.

    Born in 1975 .

    Tatsiana is the CSO of Fluicell AB and Assistant Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. After completing a PhD in chemistry from Chalmers, she completed three years of postdoctoral studies at Stanford University in the USA. With more than 10 years of experience as a research scientist, Tatsiana has a strong background in biophysics and biomimics and has published many scientific publications in international journals.

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    Mats Jonasson, Chief Financial Officer

    CFO since 2016.

    Born in 1956.

    Mats is presently the CFO of Fluicell AB via Business Control Partner Norden AB. He studied economy at Gothenburg University, and has, for over 20 years, worked as CFO at companies, such as TiFiC AB and NTEX AB.

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    Jonas Hannestad, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

    CMCO since 2020.

    Born in 1981.

    Jonas is currently the CMCO of Fluicell. He has a PhD in physical chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology and experience as a postdoctoral researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Chalmers University of Technology. Jonas combines a diverse background in scientific research with experience from independently managing science communication projects blending science, art and technology.

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    Matija Rojnik, Chief Sales Officer

    Chief Sales Officer since 2020.

    Born in 1984.

    Matija has a PhD in biomedicine, over 6 years of experience in commercial operations in the life science sector before joining Fluicell and has extensive expertise in product management, sales and marketing. He is experienced in leading large-scale sales and marketing projects and has a background in managing EU-funded research projects.