Ten years of pushing the bounds of science

Today is Fluicell’s ten-year anniversary! It has been an exciting decade where the company has evolved from a small university spin-off with a single products but with a unique technology to an innovative company with multiple products covering 3D bioprinitng, single-cell biology and pharmacology. In addition to this, Fluicell has during these ten years established several research and development partnerships with multiple world-leading companies and institutions, and initiated an in-house therapeutic development program, based on the capabilities of our Biopixlar bioprinting platform. All this creates a solid foundation for another exciting decade of growth and innovation.

We want to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone that has been part of Fluicell and that has supported the company throughout the years. Fluicell would not be the same without you.

In the latest issue of the CEO Newsletter, published today, Victoire Viannay takes the opportunity to give her perspective on Fluicell’s journey, her history with the company and the company’s path into the future. Make sure to check it out!