“We were printing within 30 minutes of unboxing” – Biopixlar AER user feedback

As part of Biopixlar AER development process, we sent out the platform to actual research laboratories to evaluate the user experience. The research group of Dr. Luiz Bertassoni at Oregon Health and Science University tested Biopixlar AER in their lab provided use with the following comment:

AER setup was a quick and seamless process; we were printing within 30 minutes of unboxing. Simply connected the cords and do a few quick tests to confirm the fluidics and mechanics are working properly. The new design has a small footprint that fits in most standard biosafety cabinets with sufficient space for preparing cells.

The lighting has also improved making it effortless to locate the tip in relation to the surface, further speeding up the workflow. We are excited to use this system with our ongoing studies in bone tissue engineering and vascularization. This technology enables the precise placement of single cells, getting us one step closer to replicating native tissue microenvironment and cellular organization.

You can read more about Biopixlar AER here or contact us directly for a demo of the system.

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