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We provide single-cell discovery platforms for life science to investigate cell behavior like never before.

Our platforms offer data quality at high resolution and speed for biomedicine, drug discovery and bioprinting.

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We strive to become a leading solution provider in life-science and personalized medicine.

By zooming into the level of individual cells, we redefine the approach to cell biology and drug development.

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“ The BioPen has two advantages:
– allows us to save money on expensive drugs because it uses very small amounts
– allows us to save money and resources in stem cell differentiation because the same culture of cells can be used for many measurements.”

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“After several years of use we are satisfied with the Dynaflow Resolve system. It provides reliable and fast solution exchange. It is especially suitable for detailed characterization of drug effects on ion channel function.”

Gedeon Richter plc

“The BioPen system is one of the best single-cell treatment system on the market. It is easy-to-use, and gives me beautiful, publication-ready movies.”

Dr. Dani Cai from the National Institutes of Health

“We believe that the Dynaflow Resolve system is the most easy to use, and robust, perfusion system available for whole cell patch-clamp recordings of isolated cells. ”

Associate Prof. Kent Jadermark from Karolinska Institutet

“The major advantages of the BioPen system for us is that it is rather smooth to set up an experiment, both hardware and software are easy to handle and it allowed us to rapidly switch between flows.”

Dr. Niek Welkenhuysen from Chalmers University

“The benefits when using the BioPen system is that it can stimulate a portion of a cell. It provides us with unique data and with it you are able to see how cell process are trapped.”

Prof. Mark Rizzo from the University of Maryland Medical Center

“The BioPen System has several advantages:
– small target area, although this can be enlarged quite a bit
– consumption of expensive antibodies and drugs is minimized compared to perfusion of the whole cell as we used to have to do.”

Dr. Joseph Bruton from Karolinska Institutet

“We use the Dynaflow Resolve in the context of drug-profiling at the NMI-TT Pharmaservices. It is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange.”

Dr. Timm Danker from NMI TT


Professor Hoffman’s group from University Hospital of Jena, Germany has published an significant article entitled “FZD5 is a Gαq-coupled…

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2nd Annual Dermatology Drug Development Summit in Boston November 27-29

Fluicell presents disease-relevant tissue formation from Biopixlar printing platform at 2nd Annual Dermatology Drug Development Summit in Boston…

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New version of the software for the BioPen System

Fluicell today announced the release of a new version of the software for the BioPen System. Biopen Wizard…

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13 Nov 2018

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