• Fluicell [fluːɪsel]

    Pioneers in single-cell biology

    Fluicell is a Swedish high-tech company with a groundbreaking track record in single-cell technologies.

  • BioPen™ [baɪəʊpen]

    A revolutionary fluidic tool to interrogate single-cell functions.

  • Applications [æplɪˈkeɪʃən]

    Making the breakthrough discoveries of tomorrow:

    Single-cell enzymology
    Single-cell pharmacology
    Single-cell drug discovery
    Single-cell physiology
    Single-cell neuronal probing
    Single-cell bioprinting

  • Recognition [rekəɡˈnɪʃən]

    Rated top 10% breakthrough technology. Publications in high impact journals. Used by prestigious investigators across the globe including the National Institute for Health (USA) , Karolinska University (Sweden), Washington University in St Louis (USA) and many more.

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About us

We provide the first lab-on-a-tip tools in the world

The Fluicell BioPen™ technology is the first lab-on-a-tip tool for the life sciences sector. It gives you unprecedented opportunities to study and interrogate single cells in complex environments.

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