Changing the face of medicine from the Ground Up

Fluicell is transforming healthcare through innovative bioprinting and microfluidic research solutions, and tissue-based regenerative medicine, starting from the perspective of the individual cell.

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School visit at Fluicell

Not long ago we had the privilege to receive a visit by students from the International School of…

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12 May 2022

Fluicell publishes report for the first quarter 2022

Today, May 12 2022, Fluicell publishes the interim report for the period January 1 to March 31, 2022….

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12 May 2022

Fluicell CEO AGM 2022 presentation

Fluicell’s CEO Victoire Viannay has given a presentation for the company’s annual general meeting, discussing the year that…

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10 May 2022

What our customers say

“The BioPen System is one of the best single-cell treatment system on the market. It is easy-to-use, and gives me beautiful, publication-ready movies.”

Dr. Dani Cai from the National Institutes of Health

“The Dynaflow Resolve System is the most easy to use, and robust, perfusion system available for whole cell patch-clamp recordings of isolated cells. “

Prof. Kent Jadermark from Karolinska Institutet

“The BioPen system provide us with unique data with it you are able to see how cell process are trapped.”

Prof. Rizzo from the University of Maryland Medical Center

“After several years of use, we are satisfied with the Dynaflow Resolve system. It provides reliable and fast solution exchange.”

Gedeon Richter plc

“The BioPen system allows us to save money on expensive drugs because it uses very small amounts.”

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“The Dynaflow Resolve system is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange.

Dr. Timm Danker from NMI TT

“I chose the BioPen System because I can target precise areas of the cell. Consumption of expensive antibodies and drugs is minimized compared to perfusion of the whole cell as we used to have to do.”

Dr. Joseph Bruton from Karolinska Institutet

«The BioPen product is well designed and works even better than we could have hoped. The team is very reliable with customer support. I would highly recommend purchasing this product.»

Veronica Jove from the Rockefeller University

«For the application of expensive substances or small amounts of reagents, it’s challenging to use perfusion systems. Using the BioPen System allows us now to precisely perfuse only few single cells and record their subsequent reactions and metabolic changes.»

Roland Malli's Lab from Medical University of Graz