Biopixlar® AER Applications

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Multicellular tissues

Biopixlar AER’s disposable microfluidic printhead lets you create research models or therapeutic tissues containing up to three different cell types using a single printhead in one print run.

Switching between cell types is quick and is performed either through the Biopixlar Wizard software or using the gamepad interface.

Printheads can be changed during printhead, making it possible to create tissues containing even additional cell types.

The Biopixlar bioprinting technology is compatible with almost any type of cell, giving you full control when designing your research model. Printing with Biopixlar AER creates very little mechanical stress on the cells, making the platform compatible with even the most sensitive and hard-to-handle cell types.

Precision medicine

The microfluidic bioprinting technology and low sample consumption makes Biopixlar AER ideal for applications involving scarce and valuable materials, such as patient-derived samples.

Use Biopixlar AER to develop precision medicine applications such as patient-specific disease models or tailored drug efficacy and toxicity evaluation based on bioprinted patient-derived cells.

Research models

Whether you want to create detailed organ models, 3D cell cultures or single-cell arrays, Biopixlar AER is the tool for you.

Microfluidic bioprinting in native cell environment ensures high cell viability and creates physiologically relevant conditions, promoting higher data quality.

Use Biopixlar AER to create in vitro liver, kidney, pancreas or cardiac models to take your research to the next level.