Biopixlar® Wizard Software

Single-cell bioprinting unbound

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Hands-on control

Biopixlar Wizard gives you full control of the bioprinting process with the ability to precisely set the individual pressures for each bioprinting channel. The printing direction controls are responsive and easy to use, letting you create detailed features using Biopixlar AER’s high-precision positioning system.

Biopixlar Wizard lets you seamlessly switch between software and gamepad control to give you the best possible bioprinting experience.

Illuminating bioprinting

Biopixlar Wizard comes with a wide range of ways to control the built-in microscope, LED light source and camera. With Biopixlar Wizard, you can follow the bioprinting process in real-time, using the imaging conditions that best fits your experimental setup.

Using Biopixlar Wizard, you can also fine-tune the chamber lighting. Customize the platform lighting to suit your needs.

Custom tissue designs

With the Biopixlar Wizard Editor, you can create you own custom tissue designs in a versatile graphical user interface. The custom tissue design features, combined with the remote control and automation capabilities, makes Biopixlar AER easy to integrate into most laboratory workflows.

The Biopixlar Wizard Editor lets you store your custom designs and share them between users and projects.