Biopixlar user experience: an important stepping stone for the field

Dr. Luiz E. Bertassoni of Oregon Health and Science University, who has been using the Biopixlar platform since March this year, has provided the following statement on his impressions of the platform and its potential in the wider bioprinting field.

“Function in the human body is dependent upon the close interaction of several million cells organized on microscale patterns in three-dimensions (3D). While the field of 3D bioprinting has enabled patterning of cells and biological materials with microscale precision, existing methods have been virtually unable to replicate the true complexity of native human tissues and organs. That is because, human tissues, by definition, have complex microscale morphologies and variable cellular compositions, and the spatial distribution of cells at the single cellular level is what determines function, and virtually no bioprinter has been able to achieve that. 

Fluicell’s technology is the first of its kind to enable single-cell resolution bioprinting with precision, speed and reproducible accuracy, even in 3D, in a way that was not possible before. This technology certainly provides a new tool for tissue engineers and biologists to mimic the complex geometric patterns and multi-cellular microenvironments that are characteristic to native human organs, and is an important stepping stone for the field.”

We thank Dr. Bertassoni for his insightful comments and are very happy for the value that our technology can provide for researchers and scientists around the world. Comments like this encourage us to work even harder to enable more people to experience the benefits that the Biopixlar platform can provide.

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