Biozone 6®

Next level single-cell pharmacology

Biozone 6 is a new concept for direct single-cell pharmacology from Fluicell that lets users generate dose-response curves or study the effects of multiple drug compounds in an intuitive way, directly on individual cells.

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Biozone 6 Highlights

Biozone 6 benefits: target single cells, test multiple compounds, keep cells in native environment

Biozone 6 features

Biozone 6 is a unique research tool that lets you perform experiments on individual cells in their native environment with up to six different compounds or concentration levels. Using Fluicell’s confined flow technology, Biozone 6 creates a cell-sized exposure zone inside the sample volume.

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Biozone 6 details

Biozone 6 is a versatile platform for single-cell pharmacology. It is designed to be used with any kind of microscope and is compatible with most micromanipulators. Biozone 6 lets you set up customized protocols and can be used together with a wide range of probe and analysis tools.

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