Meet Fluicell in July

July comes with several opportunities to meet with Fluicell and discuss everything from single-cell biology and bioprinting to…

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28 Jun 2021

Fluicell welcomes Niek Welkenhuysen

Fluicell welcomes Niek Welkenhuysen who started with us in May as a development engineer. Although Niek recently joined…

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14 Jun 2021

BioPen Nanoparticle Delivery

We have just released a new application example for BioPen®, covering nanoparticle delivery for single-cell biology. Using Fluicell’s…

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10 Jun 2021

Fluicell CEO Newsletter 04, 2021

The announcement of the BioRej™ Advance program for regenerative medicine partnerships in the beginning of May was the…

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01 Jun 2021

Fluicell welcomes Sandra Tejedor

Sandra Tejedor, who recently finished her PhD at University of Valencia, now joins Fluicell as an Application Scientist,…

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18 May 2021

Fluicell enters into the world of regenerative medicine

Today, Fluicell takes a big step forward in the development of the company. Based on Biopixlar’s unique high-resolution…

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07 May 2021

Researchers develop antibodies targeting ion channel hTRPV1, important for pain therapy

In a research article, published on April 16 in Science Advances, researchers from Oblique Therapeutics AB together with…

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19 Apr 2021

Årsstämma 2021

English version follows below. Med anledning av den fortsatta smittspridningen av viruset som orsakar covid-19 kommer Fluicells årsstämma…

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16 Apr 2021

CEO Newsletter 3, 2021

”Retreading old footsteps has never been a driving force for Fluicell” In the third issue of the CEO…

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30 Mar 2021