Investigating cell stress for better health

We would like to congratulate our CTO, Gavin Jeffries for his paper “Label-free spatio-temporal monitoring of cytosolic mass,…

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12 Feb 2019

Welcome to Florian Tusseau

Fluicell is pleased to welcome Florian Tusseau into the team as Microfluidics & Development Engineer. Florian is holding…

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06 Feb 2019

Kickoff Workshop 2019

Great day at Fluicell! We have celebrated the accomplishments from 2018 and set our sights on providing even…

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29 Jan 2019


The core of our technology is based upon controlling the flow of liquids in very small channels, barely…

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17 Jan 2019

Welcome to Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Singh

Fluicell is pleased to welcome Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Singh into the team as R&D Scientist. Avadhesh has a…

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15 Jan 2019


Professor Hoffman’s group from University Hospital of Jena, Germany has published an significant article entitled “FZD5 is a Gαq-coupled…

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11 Dec 2018

2nd Annual Dermatology Drug Development Summit in Boston November 27-29

Fluicell presents disease-relevant tissue formation from Biopixlar printing platform at 2nd Annual Dermatology Drug Development Summit in Boston…

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26 Nov 2018

New version of the software for the BioPen System

Fluicell today announced the release of a new version of the software for the BioPen System. Biopen Wizard…

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13 Nov 2018

Meet our Senior Scientist Shijun XU

Please introduce yourself? I am scientist, originally from China. After completing my bachelor’s degree in biopharmaceutical engineering in…

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24 Oct 2018