BioPen “paints” ion biosensors onto cells

Being able to monitor signaling events on a cellular level is important for understanding many biological processes. In…

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24 Nov 2021

Fluicell positioned to accelerate growth

In this edition of the Fluicell CEO Newsletter, Victoire Viannay talks about the advances that Fluicell has made…

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19 Nov 2021

“We have a great challenge, but also the opportunity to make a difference”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first successful insulin injection. The injection was given to the…

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14 Nov 2021

Biopixlar highlighted in Advanced Materials article

Being able to fabricate functional organs in a laboratory as an alternative to transplanted organs is one of…

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10 Nov 2021

Biopixlar user experience: an important stepping stone for the field

Dr. Luiz E. Bertassoni of Oregon Health and Science University, who has been using the Biopixlar platform since…

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13 Oct 2021

Fluicell CEO Newsletter 06, 2021

In the sixth issue of the Fluicell CEO Newsletter for 2021, Victoire Viannay covers Fluicell’s advances in regenerative…

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29 Sep 2021

Fluicell makes progress in early development of advanced therapy medicinal products for diabetes based on Biopixlar

Today, Fluicell announces that the company has made important progress in the early development work regarding a medicinal…

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16 Sep 2021

Fluicell at Erik Penser Bank Life Science Day

Fluicell’s CEO Victoire Viannay will present the company, what our current focus is and our plans for the…

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14 Sep 2021

Pressure differences influence cell division

Cytokinesis, or cell division, is one of the most fundamental process in biology. The division of one cell…

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25 Aug 2021