Origin of Life Webinar

How did the first life on earth emerge? The one who is asking this difficult question is Professor…

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17 Feb 2021

Fluicell welcomes Andreas Svanström

I find biology very fascinating in its own diverse complexity and in the way it presents creative solutions…

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16 Feb 2021

Fluicell at BPS2021

On February 22-26, Fluicell is participating in the 65th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting to present the way that…

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12 Feb 2021

CEO Newsletter 01, 2021

”Biopixlar is by no comparison the most important biotech instrument I have ever been involved in” As a…

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09 Feb 2021

Live webinar: Biopixlar cell microenvironment engineering

How can bioprinting be used to control the microenvironment around cells in biological tissues? In a live webinar…

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12 Jan 2021

Biopixlar neuron bioprinting in the news

With it’s single-cell bioprinting capacity, Biopixlar enables researchers to create detailed cellular structures and patterns with high precision…

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07 Jan 2021

Fluicell at SfN Global Connectome

Next week, January 11-13, Fluicell will be exhibiting at the SfN Global Connectome virtual event, showing our support…

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05 Jan 2021

CEO Newsletter 3, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. In the December issue of the CEO Newsletter, Victoire Viannay…

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15 Dec 2020

Fluicell at Investerarjakten Live

Tomorrow at 1pm CET, our CEO Victoire Viannay will give a presentation at Investerarjakten Live. Tune in using…

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07 Dec 2020