Fluicell enters into the world of regenerative medicine

Today, Fluicell takes a big step forward in the development of the company. Based on Biopixlar’s unique high-resolution bioprinting capabilities, we now aim at entering the regenerative medicine market, focusing on developing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) based on transplantable microtissues. The goal of this new initiative is to develop therapeutic products targeting important disease areas that today lack adequate treatment options and where Biopixlar’s bioprinting capabilities could add great value. This includes diseases and conditions such as congestive heart failure, type 1 diabetes and age-related macular degeneration.

To reach this goal, Fluicell now introduces BioRej™ Advance, a new partnership program for ATMP research and development. With the program, Fluicell aims at bringing leading actors across academia and the pharmaceutical industry together to advance tissue-based therapeutics to the next level. You can learn more about BioRej Advance here.

An important part of this new regenerative medicine initiative is the ability to use Biopixlar to print tissues on porous membranes that can transferred for use in research or therapeutic applications. Membrane bioprinting both provides increased viability of the bioprinted tissues and could allow transplantation of the tissues into a patient. You can learn more about Biopixlar membrane bioprinting here.

In a presentation for the 2021 Annual General Meeting, Fluicell’s CEO Victoire Viannay explains the strategy and reasoning behind the BioRej Advance initiative and what it means for Fluicell. You can watch Victoire’s presentation here.