Fluicell launches Biozone 6

We are launching Biozone 6, Fluicell’s new innovation for single-cell pharmacology that lets you perform drug testing and dose-response analysis directly on individual cells, using up to six different compounds or concentration levels. The flexible free-standing design, paired with an intuitive user interface, lets you readily integrate Biozone 6 into your research workflow.

“Biozone 6 corresponds to an expressed need within pharmacological research for versatile high-precisions single-cell technologies that has not been met by other products on the market and that will be of great use for researchers and pharmaceutical companies,”  says CEO Victoire Viannay.

Biozone 6 is based on Fluicell’s innovative open volume microfluidic technology and is designed with the demands for high precision and reliability in pharmaceutical research in mind. With Biozone 6, single-cell pharmacology can be performed directly on individual cells in their native environment, without the need for any cell transfer or sorting.

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