Fluicell welcomes Simone Agostinelli

Sometimes things don’t go exactly the way you planned. Simone contacted us at Fluicell quite some time ago looking to do an internship with a company specializing in microfluidics for life science as part of an Erasmus+ programme with support from the Biostructures and Biosystems National Institute. We were very happy to receive his application and invited him to join us as a research intern. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, forcing us to delay the start of his project due to travel restrictions.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we can now finally welcome Simone to our team. Simone grew up in a small village in the middle of Italy and moved to Bologna to study chemical and biochemical engineering at University of Bologna. During his studies, the area that he felt the most enthusiasm for was biotechnology.

– I believe that this area represents the future of technology in many ways, with benefits for environmental protection as well as the health and safety of people.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Simone went on to specialize in microfluidics at University of Twente. Here at Fluicell, Simone will continue this specialization and will assist in the development of Fluicell’s microfluidic technology for new application areas.

When not in the lab, Simone likes to play volleyball, a sport that he used to compete in as part of a team playing in one of the leagues in Italy. Let’s hope that Simone will have the opportunity to continue to practice his sport during his stay with us in Gothenburg.