Intellectual Property


List of patents owned by Fluicell AB

All patent applications are handled by SAUL EWING ARNSTEIN & LEHR LLP in Boston, USA.

  • Patent family 1
    Title: Pipettes, methods of use and methods of stimulating an object of interest
    -Patent 9671366 granted in the USA
    -Patent 9126197 granted in the USA
    -Patent EP 3 023 151 validated in Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Germany
  • Patent family 2
    Title: Microfluidic device with holding interface and method of use
    -Patent 9,658,240 granted in the USA
  • Patent family 3, family 4 and family 5
    -Patent applications ongoing

List of patents allowed to be used by Fluicell AB
Title “Systems and methods for rapidly changing the solution environment” owned by Cellectricon AB
Right to use the patent through a License Agreement concluded in March 2017 with Cellectricon AB.

  • Patent 1476536 granted in Switzerland
  • Patent 1 842063 granted in Germany
  • Patent 1476536 granted in Germany
  • Patent 1842063 granted in France
  • Patent 1476536 granted in France
  • Patent 1842063 granted in the UK
  • Patent 1476536 granted in the UK
  • Patent 4511189 granted in Japan
  • Patent 5422125 granted in Japan
  • Patent 7563614 granted in the US


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