New collaboration boosts the development of Biopixlar Retina

Fluicell begins a new collaboration with Science Mosaic, an Estonia based company specializing in instrumentation and embedded software development. Science Mosaic, has worked on a variety of development projects for clients such as, Microsoft, Dolomite and Trinamic. Fluicell’s new engagement will strengthen the development of the upcoming product, the Biopixlar™ Retina bioprinter.

”We are extremely excited and look forward to working with Tanel Ainla and his team at Science Mosaic. We have worked together with Science Mosaic for years and we know they have a highly skilled development team that deliver first-class technology solutions.” says Gavin Jeffries, CTO Fluicell.

Science Mosaic is a small, yet multifaceted and powerful technology company, which values collaboration and communication, both within the project team and with their partners. Their core competencies are a perfect complement to Fluicell’s team, and the two companies will now collaborate to transition Biopixlar Retina into a complete bioprinting platform.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with Fluicell in their quest to launch a next-generation bioprinter. Our client-centric approach, proven over the years, enables us to deliver quality of work with continued customer satisfaction and support. It is our passion for the work and our commitment to Fluicell that has built up a relationship that lasts.” said Tanel Ainla, CEO of Science Mosaic.