The taste of blood in mosquitoes

Have you ever wondered how mosquitoes are able to sense the taste of blood?

On June 10, you will find out the answer to that question and much more in our live webinar with Veronica Jové from The Rockefeller University.

Veronica Jové is a PhD student in the research group of Professor Leslie B. Vosshall at The Rockefeller University. In her work, Veronica Jové investigates the neurobiology of mosquito blood-feeding behavior. A mosquito’s innate hunger for blood is the basis of vector-borne disease transmission to millions of people world-wide.

During the webinar, Veronica will discuss how neurons in the syringe-like blood-feeding appendage, the stylet, integrate multiple taste qualities to detect the taste of our blood.

We are very happy to present Veronica Jové and are convinced that her talk will be something that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to sign up already today.

In the webinar Veronica Jové will highlight:

  • Imaging of neuronal activity in the mosquito stylet.
  • The mosquito’s specialized ability to taste blood.
  • Sensory neuron integration and its behavioral implications.