Fluicell is committed to the advancement of science by developing and implementing novel Lab-on-a-tip® technologies. We strive to to further biomedical research by probing biology, down to the level of individual cells.


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High resolution Bioprinting

Fluicell offers a wide range of bioprinting services based on our single-cell bioprinting platform Biopixlar®. Our services include:

Pilot studies Evaluate in vitro tissue bioprinting with cell lines or primary cells. Test viability of printed cells over multiple days. Print on standard or custom substrates.

Tailor-made in vitro tissue development In vitro tissue and disease model generation and optimization. We develop custom protocols to optimize co-culture conditions.

Post-printing application development We optimize printed tissues based upon your assay input and perform custom assays using various readouts.

Single-cell assay development

Our microfluidic research tool BioPen® is designed for targeted liquid delivery to individual or groups of cells, capable of exposing selected regions to solutions or biomaterials, in a contamination free manner.

BioPen is ideal for use in wide range of research fields, from cell-to-cell communication, to investigating receptor response using whole blood components.

We provide assistance in assay development for custom applications to accelerate your research to the single-cell level.

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Microfluidic technology development

Custom platforms are sometimes required to meet researchers and institutional demands. By leveraging our IP portfolio and the Lab-on-a-tip® family of products, Fluicell can tailor make hardware, microfluidics and software interfaces tuned for you specific needs.

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