Our technologies

The services we provide are based or our own range of research platforms for single-cell biology. With our in-house development team, we can work together to provide customized solutions to suit your needs.



Biopixlar is a completely new type of single-cell 3D bioprinting platform that offers:

  • High precision and resolution – Print tissues with details down to the level of individual cells.
  • High viability – Printing directly in culture media ensures that the cells stay healthy during and after the printing process.
  • Simplicity – Biopixlar puts the printing process directly into your hands with real-time monitoring and intuitive printing controls.

Read more about Biopixlar here


BioPen is a one of a kind microfluidic research tool for localized solution delivery that lets you target individual cells or groups of cells. With BioPen, you can deliver compounds to cells without taking them out of their natural environment.

Deliver what you need, where you need it, when you need it!

Read more about BioPen here.

Dynaflow Resolve

Dynaflow Resolve is an ion channel screening platform for patch-clamp setups that offers solution exchange at unsurpassed speed, control, and flexibility.

The system allows for recording of any ion channel current in any patch-clamp configuration with any cell type.

Dynaflow is used by research institutes and contract research organizations worldwide. Contact us to get in touch with a research service provider in your area.

Read more about Dynaflow Resolve here.