In order to reproduce the complex composition of human tissues, bioprinting techniques need to enable printing cells in a precise and controlled manner.

Build your tissue model by printing one cell at the time

Fluicell has developed Biopixlar, a game-changing bioprinting platform capable of producing tissue models by printing at the level of individual cells without a need of gel matrix. This gives possibilities to create complex tissues, just as they appear in nature, with different cell types and controlled histology optimized for your applications.

Place the Biopixlar printerhead at a desired spot, and print your cells of interest. The recirculating microfluidic technology enables direct cell patterning and printing, ranging from arrays of single cells to highly complex motifs with multiple cell types. After printing, the cell print is transferred to a cell culture platform allowing for the development of continuous and robust tissue models.

Advance your science with relevant tissue models

Biopixlar is designed for:

  • Producing animal-and human-like tissue replicas
  • Understanding of specific diseases
  • Testing of drug compounds
  • Translating new therapies and technologies to patients

Get early access to the Biopixlar® platform

We are currently looking for partners for the development of the next generation in vitro tissue models with us.

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