Dynaflow Resolve

High-precision ion channel screening platform


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Precision ion channel screening

Detail of the precision ion channel screening Dynaflow Resolve chip showing flow from the microfluidic channels into the recording chamber.

The Dynaflow Resolve system from Fluicell is a high precision ion channel screening platform that elevates your patch clamp setup into a multi-channel drug screening powerhouse.

Dynaflow Resolve uses a unique open volume fluidic design to provide solution exchange across 16 individual flow channels, offering excellent speed, control and flexibility.

With Dynaflow Resolve, you can test any ion channel in any patch clamp configuration using any type of drug compound. Enhance your patch clamp setup with a powerful and reliable solution exchange platform that has become the system of choice among pharmaceutical companies across the world.

Icon showing cell culture dishAny cell type, any ion channel

Use Dynaflow Resolve with any cell type and any patch-clamp configuration. Study any type of ion channel, from single-cell channel recordings to secondary ion channel screening.

Icon showing arrow hitting bull's eye on target.Highest data quality

Dynaflow Resolve lets you analyze numerous cells and allows multiple compounds analyses per chip. Perform gigaseal recordings for every compound with superior experimental control.

Heart-shaped icon interjected with a ECG curveOptimized for safety pharmacology

Dynaflow Resolve is designed for cumulative dose-response assays and enables long exposure times. The chip is optimized for use with “sticky” compounds, such as antibodies and protein fragments.

Icon showing a cogwheel and a clockCustom protocols for fast kinetics

With Dynaflow Resolve, it is easy to create complex perfusion protocols to fit your experimental needs. The millisecond solution exchange rate enables analysis of fast kinetics.

Dynaflow Resolve Science

Dynaflow is used by leading researchers within the pharmaceutical industry and in academia. Below, you can find examples of important discoveries made possible using Dynaflow Resolve, published in the highest ranking scientific journals.

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Full platform, modular design

The full Dynaflow Resolve system for precision ion channel screening, mounted in an inverted microscope with labels for each individual part.

The Dynaflow Resolve is a multi-module platform consisting of a microchannel chip, an automatic stage, a movement controller and gamepad, and a syringe pump. The platform is built for use with most inverted microscope designs.

The chip has 16 microchannels and is composed of a glass microfluidic chip and a coated PEEK interface, which forms the wells and the recording chamber. The chip is reusable and developed to reduce the risk for non-specific binding of “sticky compounds”, such as antibodies and protein fragments.

The automatic stage uses Fluicell positioning technology and enables precise positioning of the chip. The stage can either be controlled manually using the gamepad controller or automatically through the Dynaflow Commander software.


Jumpstart your Dynaflow experience

The Dynascout is a low-cost single use version of Dynaflow Resolve. Dynascout is quick to set up, easy to use and uses the same microfluidic technology as the full platform.

With the Dynascout, you can test up to eight different compounds and concentration levels. The system is designed to function with any inverted microscope and any patch-clamp setup, in the same way as the full Dynaflow Resolve platform.

The Dynascout is the perfect solution for early exploratory research or if you want to test the Dynaflow technology with your patch-clamp setup or ion channels.

The Dynascout kit includes Dynascout chip, lid, chip holder, syringe pump, tubing and syringes.

The individual parts of the Dynascout system for precision ion channel screening, laid out against a white background.

Dynaflow Commander

Computer screen showing the Dynaflow Commander software for precision ion channel screening.

Full control, Fully customizable

Dynaflow Commander gives you full control over scanning stage movement with the ability to create complex custom perfusion protocols and pharmacological assays.

The software provides accurate and precise synchronization of solution exchange with real-time tagging of the acquired data, giving you all the necessary data to perform in-depth biochemical analysis.

The Dynaflow software suite comes with a detailed protocol editor that lets you design perfusion protocols and chip layouts separately, making it possible to combine a single protocol with multiple chip contents.

  • Extensive protocol and chip layout customization
  • High movement, timing and triggering accuracy
  • Advanced automation capabilities


We use the Dynaflow Resolve in the context of drug-profiling at the NMI-TT Pharmaservices. It is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange. The new reusable glass chip design offers improved performance with sticky compounds, so that we now started to use it in safety pharmacology studies, where the highest standards in accuracy of compound application have to be met.

Dr. Timm Danker, NMI Technologie Transfer GmbH

We bought the Dynaflow Resolve system because we needed a manual patch clamp system with reliable and fast solution application. Compared to our conventional patch clamp system, the Dynaflow offers low solution quantity demand, fast solution exchange and reliable drug application.
In conclusion, after several years of use, we are satisfied with the Dynaflow Resolve system. It provides reliable and fast solution exchange. It is especially suitable for detailed characterization of drug effects on ion channel function.

Gedeon Richter plc

We believe that the Dynaflow Resolve System is the most easy to use, and robust, perfusion system available for whole cell patch-clamp recordings of isolated cells. We almost never have problems with unstable flows, and the solution exchange times are very reliable. The system is also easy to clean which minimize the risks of contamination of drugs compared to other tubing systems which are made of plastic materials.

Dr. Kent Jardemark, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology Karolinska Institutet


Dynaflow ResolveDynascout
Channel width150 µm150 µm
Channel height50 µm50 µm
Channel separation30 µm30 µm
No. deliverable solutions168
Researvoir volume150 µL100 µL
Recording chamber volume4 mL2 mL
Upper chip materialSiO2-treated PEEKPDMS
Channel materialGlassUpper PDMS, lower glass
Glass base thickness0.7 mm#1.5 coverslip